Magnetic Compass Installation, Adjustment, and Repair on Long Island, New York

The majority of our business for over 40 years has been our compass service. North Sea Navigator, Inc. has been known throughout the industry for this unique service for over 40 years, and is utilized by a great variety of boaters across the region.

Compass Repair
Compass Repair
Is your compass yellowed, cloudy or missing fluid? Don't throw it out, repair it! In most cases it is cost effective to repair it. We repair C.Plath, Danforth and Ritchie compasses. Many of your questions are answered on our question and answer page

The installation of your compass is very important. Often times we are called to a job site and the compass has been installed incorrectly causing an unnecessary error known as an "A Error" . This error creates deviation on every heading and is completely avoidable if installed by a professional compass adjuster.

Having a compass on board is only half the answer, it needs to be calibrated to your boats specific magnetic field. Many items on the bridge can "deviate" it from the Earth's magnetic field. In order to provide this service our technician will come to the vessel and use an instrument called a pelorus to determine the ships heading. Then the appropriate corrections are made and a Deviation Table with any remaining errors is created.
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Many details are taken into consideration when selecting an appropriate compass model for your boats needs, such as mounting space, distance from the helm and magnetic disturbances surrounding your compass. Let us help you make a wise choice you can live with for years.