Jens Jacobs founder of North Sea Navigator, Inc.
The History of North Sea Navigator, Inc Compass Adjusters

North Sea Navigator, Inc. was founded in 1969 by Jens Jacobs. Working along his side was his daughter Connie Jacobs. Connie took over the ownership of North Sea Navigator in 1997 and is one of the few compass adjusters still left on the East coast.

The Original Captain

Jens was originaly from a small island in the North Sea of Germany named Fohr, hence the name North Sea Navigator. Jens did his apprenticeship on Fohr as a carpenter and in later years found his way to the USA in 1959. After serving time in the merchant marines and US Army he later re-located to Northport Long Island with his wife and daughter. There he worked as a ships carpenter at Knutsens Ship yard in Halesite Harbor, Huntington, NY. In 1969 he established North Sea Navigator. Jens saw a great demand for someone to do compass repair and installation work, as well as the unique task of calibrating or adjusting the ships compass. Jens was always accompanied by his daughter Connie. She shared her father's love for boats and the sea.

The Next Generation

After many years of working under her father's watchful eye in 1996 the reins were turned over to Connie who is now the owner and operator of North Sea Navigator, Inc. Jens passed away in May of 2010. He was very well known throughout the boating community and often referred to as a "legend in the business", his amazing reputation paved the way for his daughter Connie to proudly carry on with this unique profession to this day.